Makerspace Activities Term 4 , 2021

31st August, 2021 It is hard to believe that we are nearly into term 4 of the school year for 2021. Although this is a short term, we have lots of activities ready for the Makerspace. Watch this short presentation to see what we have planned.

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 4, 2021

10th August, 2021 We have some exciting workshops planned for the Cre8 Lab during term 4. Looking forward to seeing all the regulars as well as a few new students. Check out the program below in this short presentation.

Air Dry Clay Image Transfer

6th August, 2021 The third workshop this term is an Image transfer onto air dry clay. The students had a selection of images that were already printed to choose from, or they were able to print an image of their own for their clay. The project was to make either some drink coasters, or a…

Mini Mosaic Jewellery

6th August, 2021 Week 2 in the Cre8 Lab and we are all having fun with teeny tiny tiles. The atmosphere was tense as the students selected their tiles and started to design a pattern that would then be transferred onto their pendant. You could hear a pin drop, which is very unusual… so good…

Macramé Dreamcatcher

17th August, 2021 We are now is finishing off week, after a week in lock down. The students are very close to finishing their dreamcatchers and enjoying the process of decorating with flowers and feathers. 6th August 2021. During the first week of Term 3 the students in the Cre8 Lab are back enjoying the…