Wire Wrapping Shell Jewellery

20th February, 2020

During the week the students at the Cre8 Lab have been busy creating jewellery using wire, shells and beads. This workshop is always very popular and we try to have at least one a year for the students to practice. It gives the girls a chance to practice using tools and helps with their dexterity. As well as helping them think of the design process and planning ahead to create something they are happy with. It is alway great to see their progress and their creations improving as the week progresses.

The history of wire wrapped jewelry can be dated way back to 1446 BC. Researchers have found elements of wire jewelry in ancient pharaohs’ tombs and pyramids in Egypt. Early wire used for wire jewelry was made by metal that was pounded flat into sheets which were then cut into strips and rolled into tubes. It appears that gold was most likely the first metal used to make wire for wire wrapped jewelry, as it was easily hammered into thin sheets. https://www.wirejewelry.com/

Here are a few pictures of the jewellery that has been made this week.

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