Christmas Clay Fairy House Light

25th October, 2019

Continuing with our RRR ( Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle) philosophy in the Cre8 Lab, it is fitting that our last workshop for 2019 is the repurposing of plastic bottles.

The intention is to use the plastic bottles as a base for a fairy house with windows and doors. The clear plastic acts as the glass for the house and when you add some fairy lights inside, the house comes alive for the Christmas season.

This is a big project for the students, and involves the students first mapping out their vision of the fairy house then completing the structure or “bones” of the house with wire, silver foil and hot glue. Then they start to add air dry clay to the structure, making sure to cut out enough windows and doors to show the fairy lighting inside.

The third stage of the process is by far the most enjoyable, when the students get to paint and decorate their fairy house using acrylic paints and bits and bobs that we have in our Cre8 Lab collection.

Below are a few pictures of their progress so far. I will keep updating this post during the next few weeks.

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