6th August, 2019

During week two of this term, the Cre8 Lab students were fully engaged in creating their Luminaries.  The original idea was to use wax paper to iron leaves and dried flowers into two sheets and then create a box, using hot glue and wooden skewers.  Unfortunately we could not find wax paper at a reasonable price locally, so we reverted to using iron on vilene to get a similar effect.   The students and I experienced a learning curve when it came to what type of flower/leaves were suitable for sandwiching between the sheets of vilene, we learnt very quickly that ‘less is best’.   Colourful washi tape was also used to attach the sheets together before giving the luminaries some structure with wooden skewers.

The last step of the project was to add light. We added a battery tea light which changed colour and this  gave an ever changing glow to highlight the designs on the Luminaires.

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