3D Printed Chain Maille

29th May 2017

The workshop has been finished now for a couple of weeks, and I am now able to post the finished creations.  I think they are all fantastic, great work girls

9th May 2017

We have a few finished Chain Maille Gauntlets, and a couple of happy students.


8 May 2017

Many students have now started on their 3D Chain Maille designs,  some who started last week are almost finished their designs.

Using the online program Tinkercad, the students are learning how to navigate around the platform, and are getting used to viewing their designs in 3 dimensions.  Combining simple shapes and added holes for jump rings, the designs are printed on our Makerbot printer and then enhanced to look like metal using metalic paints.  The last stage of the design is to link the shapes together to form a chain maille gauntlet that can be worn on the hand or around the neck.  Check out the process pics


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