NeoPixel Strip Lamp

8th November 2016

Some more finished projects.

Some of the Lamps in action


26th October 2016

A couple of students have finished their creations…and they look so good!  Well done ladies.  Check them out.

20th October 2016

We are now on to the final workshop for this year… and this is by far the most popular.  The students are creating a NeoPixel strip Lamp using a sheet of acrylic, engraving their individual design, 3D designing a base for the lamp using Tinkercad, and then coding the NeoPixels using an ATTiny85 microprocessor and Arduino coding language.


Check out the beginning stages

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  1. Emily-Rose says:

    This is such a fun workshop! Thanks Ms Skeers!!

    1. Your welcome Emily, I cant wait to see them all finished.

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