A Handful of Stars, by Cynthia Lord51KyLXczCqL._SX342_BO1,204,203,200_

When Lily’s blind dog, Lucky, slips his collar and runs away across the wide-open blueberry barrens of eastern Maine, it’s Salma Santiago who manages to catch him. Salma, the daughter of migrant workers, is in the small town with her family for the blueberry-picking season. After their initial chance meeting, Salma and Lily bond over painting bee boxes for Lily’s grandfather, and Salma’s friendship transforms Lily’s summer. But when Salma decides to run in the upcoming Blueberry Queen pageant, they’ll have to face some tough truths about friendship and belonging. Should an outsider like Salma really participate in the pageant—and possibly win? (Goodreads)

Fluffy Bunnies Series

51t45Yv-SdL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies, by Andrea Beaty and Dan Santat

At Camp Whatsitooya, twins Joules and Kevin and new friend Nelson face off against large, rabbit-like creatures from the Mallow Galaxy who thrive on sugar, but are not above hypnotizing and eating human campers. (Goodreads)

51X2K5FpXtL._AC_UL320_SR222,320_The Schnoz of Doom, by Andrea Beaty and Dan Santat

When film-loving twins Joules and Kevin Rockman left their summer camp, they thought their days of fighting evil bunnies from outer space were over. Surely there won’t be giant rabbits bent on world domination at their school, right? Wrong. Luckily, these bunnies aren’t FLUFFS (Fierce, Large, Ugly, and Ferocious Furballs)—sugar-addicted giant rabbits out to hypnotize and kill. Unluckily, they’re worse: the FOOFS (Fierce, Obnoxious, Odoriferous Furballs)—seemingly normal-size rabbits (with extra-large noses) out to take over the world! Can Joules and Kevin save themselves, and their school, from the Schnoz of Doom? (Goodreads)

Bat, by Sarah Withrowbat[1]

When Terence’s best friend goes off to Summer camp, he feels that he has nothing to do but spend time with Lucy, the weirdest girl in school. She paints butterflies and thinks she is a bat. Terence doesn’t know how to deal with the bat thing, but when she gets into trouble, the bats stick together. (Goodreads)

The Anti-Princess Club Series

Emily’s Tiara Trouble, by Samantha Turnbull and Sarah Davisemily's tiara trouble[1]

Talented ten-year-olds Emily, Bella, Chloe and Grace are sick of adults trying to turn them into helpless princesses.

When maths whiz Emily Martin’s mother enters her in the local beauty pageant, it’s the last straw – the four friends form the Anti-Princess Club, with the motto WE DON’T NEED RESCUING. Can they use their awesome skills to show the world that girls want to be valued for more than what they see in the mirror? (Goodreads)

Bella’s Backyard Bullies, by Samantha Turnbull and Sarah Davis

Talented ten-year-olds Emily, Bella, Chloe and Grace are sick of boys who want them to be helpless princesses.

Design genius Bella Singh has built a clubhouse in her backyard, where the anti-princesses meet to thumb their noses at the notion that boys are best. But when they receive angry anonymous emails telling them to act like girls or else, followed by sabotage of their beloved clubhouse, it’s clear they have a new mission. Can they unite their awesome talents to beat the bullies? (Goodreads)

chloe's-river-rescue[1]Chloe’s River Rescue, by Samantha Turnbull and Sarah Davis

Talented ten-year-olds Emily, Bella, Chloe and Grace are sick of people treating them like helpless princesses.

Science star Chloe Karalis’s favourite person in the universe is her grandmother – so she’s thrilled when Yiayia comes along for a fab summer holiday with Chloe and her three besties. But when Yiayia goes missing on her daily walk, the foursome know that they’re faced with their biggest mission yet. Can they combine their unique talents to rescue their beloved mentor? (Goodreads)

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